Liz, Kyle, Dean & Helen

In early November we visited with Dean Cycon at his roastery in Orange, MA.  Dean toured us around the facility, showed us his current (and soon to be unveiled awesome new!) roaster, and brewed up different coffees for us to try.  We also spoke with Vic, the very knowledgeable roaster at Deans Beans.  Dean sent us home with a box full of samples which we dutifully tried over the following week (oh, the hardships of running a cafe).  We are now sharing the results of all this research with our customers, in the form of some excellent new roasts.  Come by the cafe and tell us what you think.

These are the new brews:

Cup and Top Espresso Blend
A powerful blend of dark roasted arabica and robusta beans combines for a strong yet sweet shot with plenty of crema.

Oromia Blend
The best Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Jimma make for a smooth, strong and floral roast. (we were using this for our espresso, but now we’re brewing it as one of our dark roasts).

Timor Atsabe
A unique velvet with chocolate tones. This bold roast is a single origin coffee from the Atsabe Village in East Timor.

To learn more about Deans Beans, visit their website: