Join us for a Kids Music Show with Marsha Goodman on Tuesday, July 10th at 4pm!

DC-based singer/songwriter and music teacher Marsha Goodman-Wood is known for getting kids singing and dancing at her shows, setting little toes to tapping with original melodies that mix generous doses of science and positive social messages into songs that are just plain fun. Her quirky, smart compositions take on topics from astronomy (answering the age-old question “Why Can’t You Dance on Jupiter?”) to nonconformity (“Sheep Don’t Wear Shoes”) to biology (“The Penguin Song”).  Her tunes and stories are sure to please children and grownups alike. Marsha takes inspiration for her lyrics straight from the creative kids she’s raising and teaching. A mother of three, she brings to her performances a parent’s eye for connecting with audiences, along with a music teacher’s sensibility for what works to move kids of all ages.

Marsha has just launched her debut kindie (kids independent) CD, “Gravity Vacation” which is streaming free and available for download at

$5 suggested donation/family

Cup & Top Cafe | 1 N. Main Street | Florence, MA | 413-585-0445 |