Cup and Top turns 10 this February!  To celebrate, we asked 8 of our favorite artists who have had shows at the cafe to submit a single piece to this month’s retrospective art show.  The work exhibited represents some of the most memorable artwork presented at the cafe over the last ten years, including works from past baristas and  some of our favorite customers.  The process of selecting artists to show work at the cafe is not complicated; it is first come, first served with a waiting list at least a year long.  This democratic process means that we are often as surprised as our customers by the talent we discover on the other side of the counter.  For the cost of a few tubs of spackle, it is our pleasure to play a role in supporting the artists of our Valley.

Come sees the works of: Scout Cuomo, Em Jollie, Chaldea Deyman, Hilary Emerson Lay, Paul Specht, Sienna Wildfield, Aliene de Souza Howell, and Nancy Haver.