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Cup and Top is pleased to showcase the art of Saera Kochanski during the month of February.

Saera K is a thing-making so-and-so raised and residing in Western MA, who has been creating pieces in the second, third, and fourth dimensions for the past twenty-two years.

Her auditory work is produced under the name Wishbone Zoe, in which Saera assumes the role of the royal cubscout of Junkyard Rock, and bashes found and unconventional percussion together, creates rainforests of vocal loops, and plays some guitar and banjo, too. Wishbone Zoe has released one full-length album and graphic libretto, “All of These Oddities” (’14), and has unofficially released a second full-length, “Fossil’s Dream” (rerelease ’16).

Saera K’s visual art has been on the peripheries of her life and her public school worksheets since she was a pup. Having obtained an art degree from Greenfield Community College in December of 2014, she’s begun to sling paint and pixels regularly out in the world, beginning with an exhibit at Sonelab in Easthampton the same month.

Her creatures and characters, born of Technicolor sludge and very cartoon-inspired, are the focal points of the majority of her work. Her absolute fascination with not knowing the story behind the interesting-looking people she sees in the world and imagining them instead, is one that has lead her to be inspired by the works of Jamie Hewlett and films like Harmony Korrine’s “Gummo” and has created a conceptual skeleton that her many different chimeras all rest upon. She knows about as much about the scruffy girl holding her possum friend as we do.

Some of Saera’s work is influenced by her other deep fascination, travel—or rather, what she imagines parts of the world look like, being a recent college graduate who makes art for a living, after all. The small panels are a series inspired by the week she spent in the candy-colorful, sun-bleached, rainbow-gasoline glitter city of San Francisco.

As always, coyotes, her bushy-tailed muses, seem to weasal their way into all mediums of her work.

Various Works ’13 – ’16: Digital prints & ink, acrylic, collage on watercolor paper, cardboard, newsprint