• ARTchery   July-August 2017


ARTchery is community-based collaborative art created by using bows to shoot arrows carrying acrylic paint towards canvas.  Sometimes we spin the canvas at a high rate of speed while shooting at it.  Sometimes we place balloons on the canvas, spread paint on the balloons and then shoot the balloons.  Each piece is completely unique and signed by all 8-20 of the archers who collaborated in the making of the piece.  ARTchery was created at Amherst Archery Academy.  Check out www.amherstarchery.com or visit us on FaceBook to see videos and lots of photos of ARTchery in action! All sales of ARTchery pieces go to a scholarship fund at Amherst Archery Academy.

  • Paul Seidell   September-October 2017


  • Vivian Breznitz photography   November-December 2017


A graduate of NYC’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) with a BFA in Photography'(82),  Vivian Bresnitz has exhibited in galleries in NY and MA.  Among her current Fine Art projects, Vivian was commissioned for Florence Bank’s 2018 calendar, out in late Fall 2017.

Vivian also offers Portrait photography and assists and Second shoots for Wedding Photographers.



  • Jesse Merrick   May-June 2017 (Meet the artist: Sunday May 7th from 1:30-2:30pm at the cafe!)

“Breathing Room” – Black and White Photographs

Jesse Merrick subway

Using mostly black & white photography, Jesse has been exploring the theme of open space and “breathing room”. Recent work also includes a focus on capturing spontaneous and mysterious moments and a timeless atmosphere. Photos include landscapes, architecture, and people interacting with their environments in Northampton, Boston, Cape Cod, NYC and other locations.

Jesse Merrick is a local artist and teacher of video production, technology and social studies classes. Jesse has studied film/video production, photography, technology and education. He is passionate about making art, spending time with his family & friends and teaching.
  • Diane Nevinsmith   March-April 2017

Diane Nevinsmith Cold Woods II

Diane Nevinsmith is a New England native, currently residing in Hadley. Massachusetts.  She studied painting and printmaking at Syracuse University, receiving her BFA in 1978.  Her artistic career has spanned studies and works in oils, stained glass, paper making and marbling, and more recently, watercolors.

Diane has studied sumi-e; and watercolor with Louise Currin and Ted Nuttal.  Her paintings are predominately landscapes with a generous sprinkling of floral, still life and travel logs.

She has received the Newton Perkins Medal for excellence in drawing; a Merit Award for stained glass design from the East Hartford Art League and various awards for watercolors from the Tobacco Valley Artist’s Association.

Diane has taught classes in stained glass and relief printmaking techniques.  She was the artistic consultant for Rubber Tree Stamps from 1997 until 2005.  She is currently a member of the Deerfield Valley Art Association,  the Vermont Watercolor Society, The New England Watercolor Society and The American Watercolor Society.

Her work can be seen by appointment at her studio in Hadley,

413-586-3772 or on her web site.   www.dianenevinsmithart.com

  • Shirley Sicurello   January-February 2017

Exploring the Southwest, West Coast and other Western States – Photographs

Shirley Sicurello

Shirley Sicurello retired professionally a few years ago and began exploring other long held passions for her next work.  She has been fortunate to spend time traveling with camera always at the ready.

Falling in love with the extraordinary color, light, and timeless vistas of the West she chose the photographs exhibited here from shots taken in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota and California.

“Breath taking,” “awe inspiring”, and “deeply spiritual” are a few of the words Shirley uses to describe her experiences of the land and seascapes of the West.  There are also some photos of four legged friends she met and made along the way.

  • Elizabeth Slade   November-December 2016

“Begin Again” – chalk pastels on paper

Elizabeth Slade

Elizabeth Slade is an artist, writer, and educator located in Northampton Massachusetts. She works in chalk pastels with an emphasis on landscapes and seascapes. Elizabeth’s work is largely inspired by the fields and mountains of Western Massachusetts and ocean views of Martha’s Vineyard island.

  • Scout Cuomo   September-October 2016

“Bodies of Light” Western Mass inspired summer and light series of swimmers and landscapes.

Scout Cuomo- Sometimes I let you down


  • Nort Wright   July-August 2016


Nort Wright - Zinneas

Nort is a city and country nature abstact expressionist.She has taught Floral Tile Design at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Tile Design at the Mud Pie Ceramic Studio in Amherst. She is a member of The Brooklyn Art Studio and Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn. As a retired teacher, she is free to go back and forth to her city and country studios studying the floral beauty of The Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the local community gardens of Florence and Northampton. Nort brings a dancing source of life feeling to her colors and overlapping shapes.

  • Steven Kennedy   May-June 2016

Steven Kennedy at C&T

Despite living with the limitations of his cerebral palsy, Steven Kennedy, 44, has found success with art. He has been a participant with Riverside Arts since 2006 and has mastered his creative style in those years. His art is influenced by his hopes, dreams, and memories, and has become a powerful tool for expression. Steve gets energized by listening to his favorite rock music while creating art.

Steve says about his art:

“I dream about my art, sometimes I dream when I’m asleep and sometimes I daydream about my art. Art makes me feel good. It is fun and exciting. It is my passion in life and helps me express my feelings. There is no judgment in art and I can be myself. I enjoy collaborating with other artists so that I can learn new techniques from them and they can learn from me. My dream as an artist is to have my own studio in Easthampton where I can do art all day. I would like to teach friends how to do art. I also want to talk and share ideas with friends and fellow artists.”

Using Sennelier oil sticks, Steve creates art through color blending, layering, and carving. Steve enjoys working on a variety of themes including experiments in color mixing, self-portraiture, landscapes, and self-expressive abstracts. Steve prefers to work on a larger scale but also creates smaller works. The gestural strokes in Steve’s art are powerful and emotional. Steve is grateful for opportunities to display his art in professional galleries.

  • Ed O’Brien March-April 2016


Ed O'Brien Leeds Barn



When only five years of age, Ed would draw pictures endlessly with his finger in the condensation on the windows in the living room.  After graduating from Drexel as a mechanical engineer, Ed designed automation machinery and obtained seven U.S. patents.   The love of art never diminished and since 1999 his art has been passionately pursued full time.  Since 1988, he has studied with over 14 different terrific artists, art videos and art instruction books; finding it fascinating that there are so many oil painting styles and techniques.

Ed’s landscape paintings are a blend of some of these styles and techniques:

  • Glazing to obtain color saturation and luminosity
  • Color harmonies to obtain a pleasant overall painting feel
  • Stippled dots of complementary colors (unblended) to produce color vibration in tree leaves, grass, foliage, etc.
  • Impressionistic effects with increased detail at the enter of interest
  • The use of rich strong darks to emphasize the light

Gallery Associations:

Lenox Artisans Gallery

Northlight Gallery, Kennebunkport, ME

Art Express, Deerfield, MA

Arts Unlimited, South Hadley, MA

Deerfield Art Gallery, Deerfield, MA

Art Club Associations:

Art on the Mountain, Wilmington, VT

Kent Art Association, Kent, CT

Williamsburg Paint and Palette Club, Williamsburg, MA

Deerfield Valley Art Association, Deerfield, MA

Hill Institute:

Landscaping Painting instructor at the Hill Institute, 2000-current

  • Cup and Top Retrospective – 8 artists representing 10 years of art shows at the cafe February 2016

Cup and Top is 10 years old this month!  To celebrate, we asked 8 of our favorite artists who have had a show at the cafe to submit a single piece to the show.  Come see the works of: Scout Cuomo, Em Jollie, Chaldea Deyman, Hilary Emerson Lay, Paul Specht, Sienna Wildfield, Aliene de Souza Howell, and Nancy Haver.

  • Saera Kochanski February 2016

Various Works ’13 – ’16: Digital prints & ink, acrylic, collage on watercolor paper, cardboard, newsprint

Saera K - lionkidjpg

Saera K is a thing-making so-and-so raised and residing in Western MA, who has been creating pieces in the second, third, and fourth dimensions for the past twenty-two years.

Her auditory work is produced under the name Wishbone Zoe, in which Saera assumes the role of the royal cubscout of Junkyard Rock, and bashes found and unconventional percussion together, creates rainforests of vocal loops, and plays some guitar and banjo, too. Wishbone Zoe has released one full-length album and graphic libretto, “All of These Oddities” (’14), and has unofficially released a second full-length, “Fossil’s Dream” (rerelease ’16).

Saera K’s visual art has been on the peripheries of her life and her public school worksheets since she was a pup. Having obtained an art degree from Greenfield Community College in December of 2014, she’s begun to sling paint and pixels regularly out in the world, beginning with an exhibit at Sonelab in Easthampton the same month.

Her creatures and characters, born of Technicolor sludge and very cartoon-inspired, are the focal points of the majority of her work. Her absolute fascination with not knowing the story behind the interesting-looking people she sees in the world and imagining them instead, is one that has lead her to be inspired by the works of Jamie Hewlett and films like Harmony Korrine’s “Gummo” and has created a conceptual skeleton that her many different chimeras all rest upon. She knows about as much about the scruffy girl holding her possum friend as we do.

Some of Saera’s work is influenced by her other deep fascination, travel—or rather, what she imagines parts of the world look like, being a recent college graduate who makes art for a living, after all. The small panels are a series inspired by the week she spent in the candy-colorful, sun-bleached, rainbow-gasoline glitter city of San Francisco.

As always, coyotes, her bushy-tailed muses, seem to weasal their way into all mediums of her work.

  • Neala Melcer  January  2016


Neala Melcer has been a member of Sudbury Valley Nature Photographers for the past several years. As a self-taught photographer, she has honed her photographic skills from their monthly educational and informal critique sessions offered by both professional and amateur photographers. Her favorite location to take photographs is Nice, France where she once studied and worked.

Some of her photographs, which will be on display at Cup and Top Café in Florence, Massachusetts depict the following: an olive oil vender in the Saleya Market in Nice, an historical Niçoise fountain, a group of French infants sitting in their respective baby carriages, a poultry market, and a dog (Boxer) laying on an oriental rug while sleeping on top of the roof of a vendor’s French car (parked in the Clignancourt Paris flea market).

Also, this art display will include a panoramic photograph of Paris and a pizza pie called  ”oeuf à cheval” sold at a restaurant in Toulouse.

A framed collage will be included in this exhibit as well. It conveys a passion of seeing beauty in life’s details; which often go unnoticed in our busy everyday lives.

  • Mona Shiber, Andy Grant  November-December 2015


Mona Shiber - GESTURES_image

  • Martin Bridge  September-October 2015


Martin Bridge


Martin Bridge first moved to the valley in 2001 when he assumed his current position at PVPA as the Head of the Visual Arts and Technical Theater program.
Martin’s  work spans a broad range of media From Drawing and Painting to sculpture, theater design and site specific installation. A primary thread running through much of his work is an exploration of this relationship with the natural world around him. This moves through  highly practical reflections and implementation of Permaculture and other sustainable design strategies to more abstract and spiritual dimensions he seeks to represent and honor in his work
  • Chaldea Emerson Deyman  July-August 2015


Maine Camping Trip

This is a collection of watercolor paintings depicting animals as humans, in children’s-book-style illustrations. Inspiration for these paintings comes from the artist’s observations of everyday life, while traveling or at home, especially themes of farming and folk music. More can be seen at:chaldea.etsy.com

  • Tonya Lemos  May-June 2015


Tonya Lemos 1

Extraordinary Plant Beings

  • Scout Cuomo   March-April 2015


scout art


  • Heather Babcock  Jan-Feb 2015
Heather Babcock

Nubble at Night

Natural High Photography

I have enjoyed looking through a photographic lens since I was a child, but it was not until recent years when I finally started to follow my heart song and share with the others what I see when observing nature. Nature is the gateway to my soul, and being able to share with people what is often missed in a hurried world brings me great joy. I am originally from the Green Mountains of Vermont where I gained my deep love for the outdoors. I transplanted to the Pioneer Valley in March of 2013. Capturing the world from the sun kissed morning to the star lit night is what drives my artistic passion with photography. You may view more of my work here; https://www.facebook.com/naturalhighphoto
    • Steve Wilda  November-December 2014
    Lemon Drops

    Lemon Drops

    A native of Hadley and self-taught artist, my work’s primary focus is of the textures and character of aged objects. My fascination with rust and decomposition dominate my motivation to compose art whether it is in graphite or color. I regard the inanimate objects in my drawings or paintings as portraits, each with traits unique unto themselves.
    My work has received regional and national awards and has been published in art magazines and various North Light Books series.

  • Diane Nevinsmith  September-October 2014

Diane Nevinsmith windmills
Original Watercolors

I paint representational watercolors that strive to capture the essence of my observations:  I don’t want to convey a subject as it is, but hope to put something of what I feel about it into each painting.

The world around me is what inspires my work.  I love painting landscapes, animals, flowers and people.  Each piece is an exploration; a meditation of the subject which makes it into a memorable experience.  My work then re-inspires me as I learn something new with each painting making it a satisfying cyclical process.