To cap off our 3 days of 10th anniversary celebrations, we will have spectacular events throughout the day on Saturday February 27th.

10am – Tom Knight Puppets

11am – Molly Burnham, author of the Teddy Mars children’s book series

12pm – Cartoon Chaos with Hilary Price and Jarrett Krosoczska

1:30pm – Musical Finale with Light of Day

tomknightTom Knight has been writing and performing for kids since 1988. Formerly based in Ithaca, New York, he now makes his home in the Northampton area of Western Massachusetts. Tom brings his portable stage and hand-made puppets to schools, libraries, theaters and festivals throughout the Northeast. For more information, photos, and music videos, see Tom’s web page:


 Molly B. Burnham is the author of Teddy Mars Almost a World Record breaker, but before th
at she was a dog walker, ice-cream scooper, and elementary school teacher. She lives in Florence, Ma. with her husband, two daughters, and a dog named Pepito. She loves pigeons, world records, and connecting with kids. Teddy Mars
Almost a Winner will be released March 22. Visit Molly online at


hilary price thumbnailHilary Price has been drawing and writing Rhymes With Orange, her daily newspaper comic strip, since 1995. It has won “Best Newspaper Panel” four times by the National Cartoonists Society and appears in 400 papers internationally. When she began drawing Rhymes With Orange, she was the youngest woman to ever have a syndicated strip.

Jarrett head shot

Jarrett Krosoczka is a two-time winner of the Children’s Choice Book Award for the Third to Fourth Grade Book of the Year and is the author and/or illustrator of more than twenty-five books for young readers. His work includes several picture books, the Lunch Lady graphic novels and Platypus Police Squad middle-grade novel series.


A five-piece band from Florence, MA, Light of Day formed in September 2014. They play a refreshing take on the classic rock ‘n’ roll folight of dayrmat. Their original compositions, ranging from emotional ballads to upbeat punk-rockers, tell you what it’s like to be a kid today. Light of Day placed second in the Tri-County Fair Battle of the Bands this past September. The band consists of four eigh
th graders, Tommy, Kamran, Jacob and Evan, and a fifth grader, Jamie; the youngest was seven months old when Cup and Top opened its doors!



In our continuing celebration of 10 years of Cup and Top, 3 groups of middle school girls will wow us with their musical abilities. Toddlers when the cafe opened, they are now talented teens. They are: Luna, Ursa Minor, and Felixis Jinx.
Felixis Jinx is made up of three middle school girls from the Hilltowns. They formed a band last SummZoey's band 2er at the IMA (Rock and Roll Camp for Girls) but have known each other for much longer. They write and perform their own songs as well as perform some covers. Felixis Jinx is inspired from the Latin, “Felix Jinx” meaning lucky jinx. Willa plays piano; Zoe plays guitar, as well as drums; Eva plays bass and they all sing.
Ursa Minor is a duo of teens from the Hilltowns of Western MA, Persephone Sarantidis and Anwyn Dickinson. Performing together as artists (poets & singers) since they were in elementary school, they formed their music duo last year while attending North Star (self-directed learning center for teens) and spent two summer sessions together at the Institute for the Musical Arts. Both young women compose music together and will be performing an original composition along with cover songs. Persephone will be on keyboard and Anywn will be on drums and guitar. Both will be singing. — Ursa Minor is Latin for “Smaller She-Bear,” also known as the Little Bear, and is a constellation in the northern sky.

Luna is a twelve year old singer-songwriter from Florence, MA. She placed 3rd in the 2014 Franklin County Fair’s Got Talent competitluna singingion and has performed one hour sets at the January Kids’ Arts Night Out show at River Valley Market for the past two years. She has also performed at Sam’s Cafe in Northampton, and can often be seen street performing in and around Northampton and at open mics at her school, Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School.


On Thursday February 25th, Valley-based auditory raconteurs Wishbone Zoe and Chris Goudreau (The Leafies You Gave Me) Chris Goudreauperform at Cup & Top as part of a weekend series celebrating the cafe’s 10 year anniversary this month.

Chris Goudreau is a vocal powerhouse and captivati
ng performer, his volcanic work most often seen in shows by The Leafies You Gave Me, Western Mass’s only 10 piece music & avant garde theatre ensemble that combines the realms of free jazz, punk, doowop and pop. Goudreau’s solo material, played on 12 strings, is lyrically fresh and captures elements of his influences, David Byrne, the Kinks, and David Bowie.
Wishbone Zoe image

Self-described avant indie and once described as anti-boring, Wishbone Zoe has been playing regionally and recording music since 2011. Saera K’s “junkyard rock” performances usually
involve a lot of trash/unconventional percussion, vocal loops, and a pack of technicolor coyotes.

Music starts at 6:30 in the back of the cafe. Listeners are encouraged to try some of the teas and treats the cafe has to offer, and to view some of the artwork hanging around the cafe that dates a legacy of ten years. Some of the pieces of Saera K of Wishbone Zoe hang in the front of the store.


Big Tall Birthday Poster

Saera K - lionkidjpg

Cup and Top is pleased to showcase the art of Saera Kochanski during the month of February.

Saera K is a thing-making so-and-so raised and residing in Western MA, who has been creating pieces in the second, third, and fourth dimensions for the past twenty-two years.

Her auditory work is produced under the name Wishbone Zoe, in which Saera assumes the role of the royal cubscout of Junkyard Rock, and bashes found and unconventional percussion together, creates rainforests of vocal loops, and plays some guitar and banjo, too. Wishbone Zoe has released one full-length album and graphic libretto, “All of These Oddities” (’14), and has unofficially released a second full-length, “Fossil’s Dream” (rerelease ’16).

Saera K’s visual art has been on the peripheries of her life and her public school worksheets since she was a pup. Having obtained an art degree from Greenfield Community College in December of 2014, she’s begun to sling paint and pixels regularly out in the world, beginning with an exhibit at Sonelab in Easthampton the same month.

Her creatures and characters, born of Technicolor sludge and very cartoon-inspired, are the focal points of the majority of her work. Her absolute fascination with not knowing the story behind the interesting-looking people she sees in the world and imagining them instead, is one that has lead her to be inspired by the works of Jamie Hewlett and films like Harmony Korrine’s “Gummo” and has created a conceptual skeleton that her many different chimeras all rest upon. She knows about as much about the scruffy girl holding her possum friend as we do.

Some of Saera’s work is influenced by her other deep fascination, travel—or rather, what she imagines parts of the world look like, being a recent college graduate who makes art for a living, after all. The small panels are a series inspired by the week she spent in the candy-colorful, sun-bleached, rainbow-gasoline glitter city of San Francisco.

As always, coyotes, her bushy-tailed muses, seem to weasal their way into all mediums of her work.

Various Works ’13 – ’16: Digital prints & ink, acrylic, collage on watercolor paper, cardboard, newsprint

Cup and Top turns 10 this February!  To celebrate, we asked 8 of our favorite artists who have had shows at the cafe to submit a single piece to this month’s retrospective art show.  The work exhibited represents some of the most memorable artwork presented at the cafe over the last ten years, including works from past baristas and  some of our favorite customers.  The process of selecting artists to show work at the cafe is not complicated; it is first come, first served with a waiting list at least a year long.  This democratic process means that we are often as surprised as our customers by the talent we discover on the other side of the counter.  For the cost of a few tubs of spackle, it is our pleasure to play a role in supporting the artists of our Valley.

Come sees the works of: Scout Cuomo, Em Jollie, Chaldea Deyman, Hilary Emerson Lay, Paul Specht, Sienna Wildfield, Aliene de Souza Howell, and Nancy Haver.

The cafe will be OPEN on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday Jan. 18th)

from 8am-3pm


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