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After all, everyone deserves a little time to relax in the summer.

The Cup and Top Cafe will be OPEN on Saturday July 4th.

Please stop in!


FNO poster 2015Cup and Top has an incredible lineup for Florence Night Out! Come revel in food, music and art in our little village. The cafe will be serving food inside until 7pm.  And we will be grilling and chilling behind the cafe with the following performances:

3pm The Leafies You Gave Me

4pm Wishbone Zoeë/

5pm HampImprov (improv students from Heidi Haas’ improv class ages 8+

6pm Mad Habits

7pm Flame N’ Peach & the Liberated Waffles



Cup and Top Cafe welcomes Su Eaton of Peaceable Village aka The Spring Fairy!


Su Eaton - Peaceable Village

Su will be performing her Interactive Integrated Creative Arts Concert on the theme of Spring.  And she will have her Cd’s and her Sunsu Creations Upcycled children’s clothes available for sale.

Great for ages 1-8!

Cup and Top Cafe 1 N. Main Street Florence 413-585-0445

The Cup and Top Cafe will be open from 8am – 3pm on Memorial Day,

Monday May 25th


Come watch Florence’s Memorial Day parade at 10am!

Cheryl Anne Latuner will read excerpts of her book, “Baby at My Breast. Reflections of a Nursing Mother.”

Cheryl Latuner Book Cover

There is a special quality to the years of breastfeeding. In Baby at My Breast, Cheryl Anne Latuner illumines those first struggles to get it working, the amazing changes our body goes through, the raw emotions of having a new baby. She explores her first experience nursing in public, the challenges of deciding when to offer a baby food, the fear of being exposed as the mother of a nursing toddler, the joys of nursing an older baby, and, finally, letting nursing wind down gently, at its own rate.

For moms to be, this book offers an understanding of the deep importance of breastfeeding in the life of a mother and child. For experienced mothers like me, it brings back memories of those special moments in my life when I had a child at my breast. Baby at My Breast is a rich exploration of those wonderful years when we nurture our children with our body and soul. 

Jody Wright, CLC CEIM
International Trainer, Infant Massage USA
former president of the Motherwear catalog

Cup and Top Cafe 1 N. Main Street Florence 413-585-0445


The Pioneer Valley joins hundreds of communities around the country celebrating the Week of the Young Child, which honors the more than 35 million children from birth through age eight in America, and the families, teachers and other adults who help children make the most of the opportunities of their early years.

This year we’re featuring the fun, educational and creative artwork of Mrs. Lavalee’s Kindergarten class from R.K. Finn Ryan Road.


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